Skip Tracing

Joston Legal Services has a direct link to private investigators that can provide skip tracing and investigation services.  If you are looking for a person at a home address, find out a person’s employer in order to garnish wages, locate a person’s assets in order to settle debts, or need to find where a business or individual does their banking, we can assist you.


Skip tracing is a technique used by private investigators to trace and locate people that are difficult to find, intentionally, or not.  Skip tracers collect as much information as possible, and  then analyze and verify the information in order to locate what is needed.


Who may need Skip tracing services:

  • Private individuals
  • Corporations
  • Lawyers and paralegals
  • Debt collectors
  • Process servers
  • Landlords
  • Insurance companies
  • Collection agencies
  • Adopted children and adults who want to find their biological parents


Skip tracing for debt collection


Skip tracing is often used to locate an individual who owes money, commonly referred to as a debtor. For an individual to have a credit check conducted on another individual, the Ontario Consumer Reporting Act legislates that lawful evidence must exist proving a debt is owed, such as a judgment, an order for support, a court order for costs, or a loan agreement.


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